Slavens Family Farm in Eudora, Kansas is owned and operated by Kent and Lisa Slavens. We produce high quality Kiko and New Zealand goats.  We have purebred and percentage animals, as well as those for meat consumption. We believe strongly in performance testing, and are very excited that our bucks have participated in the Maryland and Oklahoma tests. 

We have award winning and performance tested/proven herd sires such as LFK Outlaw’s Legacy, the winner of highest Average Daily Gain (ADG) in the 2015 Easter Oklahoma Pasture-Based Meat Goat Test with his impressive average gain of .43 pounds per day!  His performance also set an all-time record for ADG in the Oklahoma test.  Our Buck, BWP Zipper’s Nitro, sired SLA Nitro’s Max.  Max earned the top award of 2014 American Kiko Goat Association’s Performance Test Program High Point Buck for his impressive scores of 8, 9 in the Eastern Oklahoma Pasture-Based Meat Goat Buck Test.  CGI Quantum Singularity has a long list of performance testing success both for himself and bucks he has sired.  For more information about our outstanding herd sires, just click on “Our Bucks” 

Explore our website. We hope to raise your interest enough in the quality of our herd to contact us.  Happy browsing!